In addition to tastes and deliciousness, Cassatown drinks also have philosophical values ​​that you may have never known before. “Coffee shell” or Cascara is the waste from coffee processing. Originally, the farmers would paint only the coffee beans inside and then dumped them in large quantities. Coffee shells do not have much more functions than being used to make fertilizer or leave to decompose naturally. But who knows that that coffee can actually be consumed? The taste of the coffee shell is astringent, not even bitter. When brought to boil, the water will have a sour taste, followed by a faint sweetness. The smell of the coffee shell goes out in tone floral. With a warm mood, The smell of the coffee shell can be used in combination with many other materials. The nutrient value is found in coffee bark, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The amount of caffeine contained in the coffee shell is generally less than the amount of caffeine in the coffee beans 4 times, thus not affecting sleep when consumed. Unfortunately, this is just a pile of the debris waiting for degradation.

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