New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

New Heaven Reef Conservation Program


The New Heaven Reef Conservation Program was founded by New Heaven owner Devrim Zahir and Chad Scott who had previously worked with CPAD as marine conservationists. The intent of the marine conservation program was to train the professional divers and interested customers in coral reef ecology and introduce them to the practical applications of marine conservation biology.

In 2007, a 3-day course was first developed where participants would spend one day learning about reef ecology and monitoring programs, the following day helping to maintain the Taa Chaa Biorock, and ended on the final day with an underwater clean-up. With this course, the NHRCP was born.

Some great work was accomplished in these early days of the marine conservation program, but it was difficult to predict the program’s future trajectory. By the end of the second year, the 3 day marine conservation training program had evolved from its humble beginnings into an intensive two week conservation program. From there the reef conservation program would only continue to grow, now including a vast array of marine conservation projects and initiatives.


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