Theera Bake Room

Theera Bake Room


Being a health enthusiast with a passion for baking, Theeta ‘Uang’ Hotrakitya soon realised that her hobby had huge potential in Thailand and was much in demand. ‘Allergen-free food is very difficult to find here and is often imported, so loses the homemade touch. After finding out my autistic son had a severe gluten allergy, I was in the kitchen straight away trying to make his favourite foods gluten-free and still as delicious. He is my inspiration’.

As many of you will know, research indicates a gluten-free diet can be beneficial to children with autism, another driving factor behind Uang’s passion alongside the health benefits of allergen-free and vegan food. ‘Healthy food can still be delicious and I really believe we should be looking more at the ingredients in our foods. Eating well has so many benefits, not only linked to weight loss but also stress and productivity’.

A big part of allergen-free baking is experimenting. Getting the perfect taste takes time and dedication and that certainly shines through at Theera. ‘I never stop developing my recipes, I am always looking for ways to improve them and expand the menu so that my customers have more choice. I think it is just the perfectionist in me, along with my team of patient staff!’.

Quality, organic ingredients are incredibly important at Theera. Where possible, we support local retailers and collaborate with many local businesses who share our ethos.

Prior to opening Theera, Uang studied at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and started selling her homemade products via Facebook. After an overwhelming response from her customers, she decided to open a shop. Theera now has 3 branches and is looking to expand further in the future. We also offer work experience opportunities to young adults with special educational needs.