Wild Encounter Thailand

Wild Encounter Thailand


Wild Encounter Thailand is wildlife ecotourism company based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand Tourism Department Registered No. 5822/02606

We start our very first wildlife tour as a family trip taking our children and friends to bird watching in Kaeng Krachan National Park 6 years ago.

And after that a few months later on with the love and passion about the wildlife we start a whale watching tour in the Upper Gulf of Thailand where the Bryde’s whale has been sighted of the coast of Petchburi Province.

Just 1 year later we have discovered that the whales actually live along the coastline covering 7 provinces of the Upper Gulf of Thailand and we can actually operate the tour off Bangkok with is 45 minutes driving in a strategic location. Wild Encounter Thailand is the first dedicated whale watching operator to offer the whale watching cruise from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

At the very starting point of us, we hired them and adapt the fishing boat turned it in to whale watching boat but after experienced with all the difficulties operating the vessel. We start the project with our captain to build a proper whale watching boat for our activity purposely and from that time, our Bryde’s whale watching in the Upper Gulf of Thailand has been the core activity for us in Thailand since then.

Our objective is to encourage locals and tourist that came with us to explore the wilderness of nature both on land and in the sea. We believe that the method of learning by doing seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat will help us raise awareness on each every wildlife species conservation status that they came across.

As of now, Wild Encounter Thailand operates over 10 different kinds of wildlife ecotourism on different types of megafauna species across the Asian Continent apart from our Bangkok based Bryde’s whale watching such as ;
– Malayan Tapir and Borneo Big Fives in Malaysia
– Wild Bottlenose Dolphins Swim in central Japan
– Killer whale and Brown bear cruise in northern Japan
– Bengal Tiger Safari in central and northwestern India
– Snow Leopard Expedition in Northern India
– Great Whales Swim in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka for example.

And more trips to come in the very near future.

We believe that to see through beauty of nature is to be a part of it and by exploring the unexplored the world of wildlife will make you a lifetime experience.